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Skill Games
Vandal Featured Game: Vandal
Try to smash high windows to score high points!

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Crab Ball Crab Ball
Play with it you will know
    Crash Test Dummy Curling Crash Test Dummy Curling
Crash the dummy and make high fly to the goal!

Crash Test Dummy High Jump Crash Test Dummy High Jump
How high can you crash the dummy into the wall?
    Crazy Balls Crazy Balls
Help Teddy destroy his enemies before they destroy him.

Crazy Closet Crazy Closet
Catch as many balls in 90 seconds as you can!
    Crazy PinBall Crazy PinBall
Another PinBall game

Daffy Jumper Daffy Jumper
Help Daffy Duck make a good landing on the platform, watch the pants to check f...
    Dibblez Party Dibblez Party
Collect the music and watch you grow bigger

Dingle Ball Dingle Ball
Odie loves balls
    Diver Duck Diver Duck
Life as a very small duck is not easy. It would certainly help to have a little...

Dodging Circles Dodging Circles
Hover over the green circle to gain points,
    Dr Yeckyl and Mr Ride Dr Yeckyl and Mr Ride
Move your way around with the jetpacks completing tasks.

Drag Files Drag Files
Drag as many files as you can into the folder in the given time limit.
    Dschungel Book Dschungel Book
Not available.

Dynamit Dynamit
A keep it up game
    Egg Maze Egg Maze
Shake the egg through the maze to the goal.

Eggomania Eggomania
Not available.
    Ele-Blast Ele-Blast
Dodge the lasers

Elevation Elevation
Do you have what it takes to complete this game.
    Elroy Learns To Fly Elroy Learns To Fly
Help Santa teach Elroy how to fly...never mind teaching, just make him fly...

Emergency Emergency
Save the helpless stickmen!
    Equilibrium Equilibrium
Keep the spiked hair guy from falling.

Eskiv Eskiv
Get the squares with the circle
    Eskiv 2 Eskiv 2
same as the other version just alot harder

Evel Cownievel Evel Cownievel
Help Evel Cownievel run fast enough to clear the tractors.
    Export Extreme Export Extreme
Drag the black square around and avoid the red shapes and edges.

Falldown Falldown
The Object of the game is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen
    Feeder War Feeder War
sorta like breakout style game?

Flash Out Flash Out
Breakout clone
    Flies Flies
Squash as many flies as you can to advance levels.

Fling The Candidate Fling The Candidate
Get your candidate a job, and gain your commission.
    Fling The Cow Fling The Cow
Fling the cow at the target.

Flower Frenzy Flower Frenzy
Match 3 flowers
    Flower Power Flower Power
Not available.

Flying Dango Flying Dango
Throw sticks at balloons
    Flysui Flysui
Catch flies with chop sticks

Flyswatter Flyswatter
How fast can you swat all the flys?
    FogHorn Thanks FogHorn Thanks
FogHorn LegHorn is the the target of Mis Prissy, help him get rid of all the gi...

Footy Food Fight Footy Food Fight
Throw food at the opposition.
    Four Balls Four Balls
Try to bound the balls as many time you can with the limit of times to earn you...

Frog Batting Frog Batting
Hit frogs with a baseball bat.
    Frosty Freakout Frosty Freakout
Make sundaes that appear on the screen to earn points.

Fumble Fumble
A reaction game
    Get-A-Head Get-A-Head
Kick the robots head as far as possible!

Ghost Typing Ghost Typing
Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up
    Gold Miner Gold Miner
Gold, diamonds and dynamite? That's right, you're a gold miner and it's your jo...

Hangaroo Hangaroo
Guess the hidden phrase to complete a level
    Hangman Hangman
A hangman style word guess game.

HO Slappin HO Slappin
Slap dat HO as hard as you can.
    Home Run Home Run
Keep your man upright by moving the mouse left and right to get as far as you c...

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