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Action Games
Lord of the Rings Battle
Play Lord of the Rings BattleYou are Gandalf the Grey battling for all of Middle Earth.
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Shooting Games
Clay Kitten Shooting II
Play Clay Kitten Shooting IIA nice shiny gun. Some lovely little kittens. All you have to do is use the former to ruin the latter.
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Skill Games
Play EggomaniaNot available.
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Puzzle Games
Crazy Coins
Play Crazy CoinsLine up the coins and score big points. Crazy Coins is an addictively fun game where your quick thinking will increase your score each level.
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Sports Games
Ski Jump 2001
Play Ski Jump 2001How far can you jump?
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Classic Games
Flash Pacman
Play Flash Pacmanblah!
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Racing Games
Play pursuitRace through 5 stages and try to become champion.
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Flying Games
Play A-BlastA fun Galaga-esque action game, shoot your enemies and survive the terror!
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Casino Games
Speed Cards
Play Speed CardsGet rid of the cards as fast as you can!
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Side Scrolling Games
Soopa Sprinta
Play Soopa SprintaRun as fast as you can and jump over the obstacles.
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Memory Games
Play 12manyCount the stars before they go away, and quickly enter the number you counted!
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NES Games
Super Mario Brothers 2
Play Super Mario Brothers 2Run through the map and avoid enemies!
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More NES Games
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